Why a Medical Directive?

Peace of Mind

Avoid Confusion

Easily File Now

Easy Retrieval at Hospital


A Medical Directive is important! We handle storage and retrieval when time matters!

When you or a loved one shows up unconscious in the emergency room, the nurses and doctors will do their best to revive. More and more these days, the question of 'Medical Directive for this patient?' keeps popping up. If you use our service, the doctor will be able to retrieve your Medical Directive via fax or email delivery within minutes of requesting it at our portal.

File your Medical Directive with us !

We provide near-time retrieval (within 2 minutes) of request. Electronically store your Medical Directive with us and be covered anytime you get to a hospital !

Latest Features

Got our IVR system working in production ! Almost Real-Time Fax Retrieval of your Medical Directive

Retrieval Card System tested and in production

Subscriber system tested and put in production

Our system went through a stress test with 2 million records !